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Apple, Inc. - April 29, 2019
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Shazam 9.28.0-190424reviewed by Vedin Klovo on 5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5 star rating5/5
Have you ever been in a situation where you heard an awesome song in a café or in the club and you wanted to know its name? Sometimes you had a friend who knew it or you were able to identify a few lyrics to Google later.

In other cases, you might have to try and forget about it or hope you hear it somewhere else. Shazam for Android takes care of such problems. It's a free Android app for music recognition. You simply start it and it uses your phone's microphone to listen to the song playing nearby.

After the song is recognized, it displays pretty much all about it: title, artist, album, lyrics, video (if it's available), and other songs by the same artist or similar songs. The history of recorded songs is being kept, as well as the other songs you discover by browsing.

Its database is huge and it recognizes everything from the modern scene and old classics to local, fairly known songs by not-so-popular artists. The quality of the recording is also great and you will be amazed at just how it's able to recognize songs despite the noise around you.

You can choose to be redirected to directly play the song on Google Play Music, so that you can enjoy the song instantly or save it for later. Another cool feature is the auto mode which is constantly working in the background and tagging songs around you. It's a cool feature but it will drain your battery faster and probably pick up more songs than you actually want.

• Free to use and ad-free
• Beautifully designed
• Its recognition is accurate and it works in various circumstances
• It displays pretty much everything you need to know about the song
• It keeps a list of identified and discovered songs
• You can have it running in the background and constantly detecting songs
• Feels slow at certain times


Minimum requirements

• Android 5.0+

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Release date: 2019-04-25

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